• DA TE: 2/3/09 CONTACT: Nancy Heinzen(447-5645)

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DA TE: 2/3/09 CONTACT: Nancy Heinzen(447-5645)
Mary Witkowski(447-7040)
County Eleven Local Municipalities and Albany County Sign an Intermunicipal Agreement to
Tackle Stormwater Pollution!
City of Albany
Town of In responseto Federaland State-levelstormwater regulations and a need to address
Bethlehem stormwater pollution entering local streams,lakes,and rivers, eleven municipalities and
Albany County agreed to share municipal servicesand collaborate on key stormwater
City of program requirements.
As stewards localwater resources,
of members the recentlyformed Stormwater
of Coalition
Town of of Albany, will collectivelyplan and implementa varietyof water-related programs,focusing
on publiceducation,public participation activities,training,mapping,and enforcementof
recentlyadoptedlocal lawsto protect waterquality.
Albany County is serving hostof the Coalition,providingmuch needed
as administrative
Villageof support.County Executive MichaelBreslin praised Coalitionasan opportunity to work
GreenIsland collaboratively shareresources improvewaterquality. "Stormwaterpollution is an
and to
intermunicipal problem,definedby gravity.Stormwater flowsdownhill,and all of the
Town of municipalitieswithin a shared watershed havea role to play to protect and improvewater
Guilderland quality. Thisis alsoa costeffectiveway to both shareservices collaborate
and effectively."
ViI/ageof Nancy Heinzen, Stormwater Program Coordinatorfor the Coalition,is alsoexcitedabout
the Coalition."For the pastthreeyears,I've beenworkingwith the samegroup of
Town of New municipalities, now members the Coalition,implementing varietyof water quality
of a
Scotland programs fundedwith NYSDEC grantmoney.Eachmemberof the Coalitionbringsto the
tablevaluable skillsall groundedin the day-to-dayreality of providingmunicipalservices.
Villageof This is a talentedand attentiveintermunicipal teamand I look forwardto workingwith the
Voorheesville Coalition."
City of From Sean Ward, Chairman the Stormwater
of Coalition,"This is a textbookexample the
Watervliet benefits workingtogethertoward a commongoal,in this casethe protectionof water,
our greatest naturalresource.Throughthe Stormwater Coalition,our 12 municipalentities
will collaborate meetingthe mandates set forth in the Federal
in as CleanWaterAct and
Supporter work asone in our effortsto betterthe waterquality in all of our communities."
Capital District
Regional Planning For more information about the Coalition and to get involved with Coalition public
participation activities. call 447-5645.
Albany County
Soil and Water
ConselVation c/o Albany County Department of Economic Development, Planning, and Conservation
District 112 State Street, Room 720, Albany, NY 12207
(518) 447-5645(voice) (518) 447-5662(fax)

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