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Ms Evelyn Woodberry
Chair, CAUL Electronic Information Resources Committee (CEIRC)
C/- Dixon Library,
University of New England
17 June 2002
Dear Eve,
Thank you for the opportunity to submit a proposal to CEIRC. OCLC netLibrary and DA
Information Services are pleased to present below the proposal for the consortium
purchase of netLibrary eBooks. In this proposal, OCLC netLibrary and DA had tried to
meet the criteria you raised. The benefits include:
• Content: netLibrary offers access to over 40,000 titles and are adding nearly
2000 new titles each month.
• Delivery and Access: netLibrary eBooks are available on the Internet 24x7 from
any place with Internet access. netLibrary eBooks can be linked to your libraries’
webpages, OPACs and online learning packages.
• Pricing: netLibrary offers discounts of up to 8% for CEIRC consortium purchase.
• Cross access: allows CEIRC members to share a much bigger collection of
eBooks and at the same time benefit from significant cost savings by avoiding
the duplication of smaller collections.
• Higher discounts : The more titles are purchased, the higher the discount.
DA and OCLC netLibrary understand that the single user access (one book one reader
at a time) is not the most desirable pricing model. This restriction is imposed upon
OCLC netLibrary by the publishers. ALL the netLibrary eBooks are copyrighted, and
are owned by the publishers. However, it is this very restriction that enables most
publishers to allow cross access within consortium collections resulting in cost savings
and increased access to eBooks.
OCLC netLibrary eBooks
We hope that this proposal meets your criteria and the needs of your members.
Thank You.
John Dwight
Executive Chairman
OCLC netLibrary CEIRC Offer - June 2002
OCLC netLibrary eBooks
OCLC netLibrary eBooks Proposal to CEIRC
Tuesday, June 11, 2002
OCLC netLibrary and DA Information Services are pleased to submit this proposal to
CEIRC for consideration for a consortium subscription to eBooks available on
OCLC netLibrary
On January 25, 2002, OCLC acquired netLibrary, which was founded in 1999 and is a
leading provider of eBooks to libraries around the world. About 7,000 libraries access
eBooks through netLibrary, including Columbia University, Stanford University,
University of California at Berkeley (UC Berkeley) and thousands of other large
and small libraries around the world. Based in Boulder, Colorado, U.S.A., netLibrary
is a division of OCLC.
OCLC netLibrary currently provides more than 40,000 eBooks from more than 300
publishers, and adds nearly 2,000 additional eBooks per month. These eBooks cover
all subject areas. About 80% of the eBooks are for university-level readers, and the
remaining 20% are of general interest or for school libraries. Most of the eBooks
produced by netLibrary are of current contents – nearly 90% of the eBooks are
publications since 1990.
Key subject areas covered include Economics & Business, Literature, American History,
Medicine, Health and Wellness, Religion, Technology & Engineering History, Sociology,
Philosophy, and Education.
A copy of the Houghton-Mifflin’s 4th Edition of the American Heritage Dictionary of the
English Language is embedded into every netLibrary eBook.
For a full title list, visit, http://www.netlibrary.com/titleselect. You may be required to
create a login/password for yourself before you access this page.
For a list of publishers, please visit,
OCLC netLibrary CEIRC Offer - June 2002
OCLC netLibrary eBooks
Delivery and Access
All netLibrary eBooks are loaded on the netLibrary servers in Boulder, Colorado, U.S.A.
Your library patrons need only a PC, loaded with Internet Explorer version 4.0 or higher,
or Netscape. netLibrary offers 24 x 7 access anytime, anywhere from any PC with an
Internet connection. netLibrary eBooks can also be downloaded onto a laptop.
netLibrary eBooks can also be linked to your website or integrated with existing
cataloguing systems and OPACS using referring URLs behind a password protected
page or an authentication system.
One reader can read any eBook at a time, however, an unlimited number of readers of
a library or consortium can access eBooks at the same time as long as they are reading
different eBooks. When some eBooks are popular to your library patrons, your library
may wish to purchase multiple copies of the eBooks and thus allow multiple readers to
access the eBooks at the same time.
Statistics show that eBook readers spend an average of 15 minutes accessing a book.
Readers usually access eBooks, find the information, print out the information, and read
from the paper printout. Readers do not spend long hours reading eBooks on the PC
Searching Capabilities & Administrative Functions
Every word in the eBooks is searchable and therefore, readers can find information in
the eBooks quickly. Powerful search and linking features including full text searching
across hundreds of books as well as within each specific book. There are hyperlinks
from both the table of contents and the index of each eBook.
netLibrary eBooks can be printed, a page at a time like a photocopier.
netLibrary also maintains a secure web site called the Library Resource Center which
provide administrative tools to track usage statistics, to set a checkout time, and
turnaway statistics, i.e. the number of times patrons tried to check out a title but were
turned away because the book was already check out. These reports provide valuable
data to help libraries grow and shape their collections.
Benefits of eBooks
• Cost savings in cataloging and physical processing of printed books; physical
circulation and follow-up with past-due books; theft, mutilation and replacement
of printed books; shelving, re-shelving and shelf-reading, etc.
• Requires no additional hardware and software to access.
OCLC netLibrary CEIRC Offer - June 2002
OCLC netLibrary eBooks
• eBook MARC records are available for all netLibrary titles and can be integrated
with existing cataloguing systems.
• Online management of eBook collection.
• Circulation and usage data available to support collection development.
• netLibrary supports and provides branding and marketing assistance via
Benefits for CEIRC Consortium Purchase
• Unlimited cross access is permitted for all the netLibrary eBook titles
purchased by this consortium1. This is possible because of the single user
access policy (i.e. one user accessing one title at any one time).
• One large collection that can be share across all 45 universities and CSIRO,
generating significant cost savings for its members and avoiding the
duplication of many collections. Normally, each library would have to buy their
own collection. Whereas, sharing in a bigger collection means that libraries
spend less even if they have to buy multiple copies for multiple access.
Turnaway statistics will help libraries manage whether to buy multiple copies or
• When sharing a collection, members benefit from increased access to a much
larger collection that they would otherwise have. If, for instance, a consortium
has 10 libraries and each library purchases 1,000 eBooks, then each library of
the consortium can access a total of 10,000 eBooks provided that each library
purchases different eBooks.
• Higher discounts. Library consortia purchase more eBooks than do individual
libraries, and therefore, enjoy a higher percentage of discount on the eBooks
Contents Fee. For instance, if a library purchases US$50,000 worth of eBooks,
this library is not eligible for any discount on the eBook Content Fee. But if 10
libraries form a consortium, and each library purchases US$50,000 worth of
eBooks, the total purchase will be US$500,000 and is eligible for 6% discount.
Consortium purchase will increase access to, and usability of, large collections of eBook
Please note that this is subject to approval by individual publishers. Some publishers may not allow
cross access for consortia
OCLC netLibrary CEIRC Offer - June 2002
OCLC netLibrary eBooks
Price of OCLC netLibrary eBooks
To become a user of OCLC netLibrary eBooks, your library needs to pre-pay for
the following two fees: 1. eBook Content Fee and, 2. eBook Access Fee.
1. eBook Content Fee
The content fee of eBooks is the same as the printed books. This content fee is
established by publishers and averages about US$55 to US$60 per book.
CEIRC pays the eBook Content Fee only once for each eBook you purchase. In
other words, the eBook Content Fee is NOT an annual fee.
For consortium, the first time purchase of OCLC netLibrary eBooks requires a
minimum order of an average of 200 eBook titles per institution. After your
first purchase order, you may purchase any number of eBooks at any time as
you may wish. A critical mass of eBooks will ensure usage of your eBooks.
OCLC netLibrary offers the following discount based on the eBook content fee in
each purchase order:
2% discount if eBook content fee is US$75,000 to US$199,000
4% discount if eBook content fee is US$200,000 to US$499,000
6% discount if eBook content fee is US$500,000 to US$749,000
8% discount if eBook content fee is US$750,000 and above
This discount applies to eBooks Content Fee only, and does not apply to eBook
Access Fee. Individual libraries or consortia of libraries are eligible to this
2. eBook Access Fee
In addition to the eBook Content Fee, libraries also need to pay eBook Access
Fee. Libraries may choose to pay EITHER One-Time Access Fee OR Annual
Access Fee.
a. One-Time Access Fee
Your library may choose to pay 55% of the original retail eBooks
Content Fee (namely, the Content Fee before any discount is given) for
on-going access to the eBooks that your library has purchased. Your
library pays this fee once only. This is not an annual fee.
For instance, if you purchase a total of US$100,000 worth of eBooks
(namely, the eBook Content Fee), and also pay 55% of the Content Fee,
which is US$55,000, or a total of US$155,000, your library may have on-
OCLC netLibrary CEIRC Offer - June 2002
OCLC netLibrary eBooks
going access to the eBooks that you have purchased through OCLC
b. Annual Access Fee
If your library does not wish to make a one-time payment of 55% of
eBooks Content Fee, you will then have to pay 15% of the original retail
eBooks Content Fee (namely, the Content Fee before any discount is
given) each year.
Again, as an example, if you purchase a total of US$100,000 worth of
eBooks (namely, the eBook Content Fee), and also pay 15% of the
Content Fee, which is US$15,000 Annual Service Fee, or a total of
US$115,000, your library may access the eBooks you purchase for 12
months. At the end of the initial 12 months, you will need to pay 15% of
the Content Fee, or US$15,000 again in order to access these eBooks for
another 12 months.
Content Options
If there are other eBook titles required that are not available through OCLC netLibrary,
please provide DA Information Services with a list of the titles/publishers, and OCLC
netLibrary will be pleased to try and obtain them for CERIC.
OCLC netLibrary CEIRC Offer - June 2002
OCLC netLibrary eBooks
1. This offer is for CEIRC Academic members and CSIRO as listed in Attachment A
2. Prices quoted in this offer are in US Dollars (USD).
3. Each CEIRC institution must subscribe to an average of 200 netLibrary eBook
titles each. That is, if there are 10 institutions taking part, there must be a
minimum of 2000 titles.
4. This offer is based on a single user model where one user can access an eBook
at one time. To enable multiple access, CEIRC can purchase multiple copies of
high use titles.
5. CEIRC may choose any titles they want from the netLibrary collections or choose
any combination or all of the collections available on netLibrary. The list of
collections is included in Attachment B. To access all netLibrary titles, go to
http://www.netlibrary.com/titleselect You may need to create your own login and
6. Cross access is available to the subscribed eBook titles within CEIRC, subject to
approval by individual publishers.
7. netLibrary eBooks subscriptions will be managed and invoiced by DA Information
For further information, please contact:
Lian Todd
Tel: +61 3 9210 7773
Fax: +61 3 9210 7788
Email: [email protected]
Thank you.
John Dwight
DA Information Services.
OCLC netLibrary CEIRC Offer - June 2002
OCLC netLibrary eBooks
OCLC netLibrary Proposal for CEIRC – June 2001
Attachment A
List of CEIRC members included in the above offer.
Adelaide University University of Queensland
Australian Catholic University University of South Australia
Australian National University University of Southern Queensland.
Bond University University of Sydney
Central Queensland University University of Tasmania
Charles Sturt University University of Technology, Sydney
Curtin University of Technology University of the Sunshine Coast
Deakin University The University of Western Australia
Edith Cowan University University of Western Sydney
Flinders University University of Wollongong
Griffith University Victoria University of Technology
James Cook University
La Trobe University CONZUL:
Macquarie University Auckland University of Technology
Monash University Lincoln University
Murdoch University Massey University
Northern Territory University University of Auckland
Queensland University of University of Canterbury
Technology University of Otago
RMIT University University of Waikato
Southern Cross University Victoria University of Wellington
Swinburne University of Technology
University of Ballarat Other institutions:
University of Canberra
The University of Melbourne CSIRO
University of New England Campuses of CSIRO throughout
University of New South Wales Australia.
The University of Newcastle
OCLC netLibrary CEIRC Offer - June 2002
OCLC netLibrary eBooks
OCLC netLibrary Proposal for CEIRC – June 2001
Attachment B
Academic Library Collections available from netLibrary
Area Studies
Asian Studies Canadiana
Latin American Studies Middle East and Islamic Studies
Accounting Business and Economics General
Business Communication Business Practices
Business Technology Business Trends
Career Planning and Development Commerce
eCommerce Economics
Finance and Banking General Management
Global Labor Human Resources
Industry Labor
Manufacturing Marketing and Advertising
Teams and Leadership
Computer Science
Artificial Intelligence Computer Certification
Computer Operating Systems Computer Science General
Databases Desktop and Office Applications
Human-Computer Interaction Networking and Telecom
Programming Web Design
Back to School 2001 Choice OAT Collection
Distance Education Holocaust
International Relations Library and Information Science
Reference Social Work
OCLC netLibrary CEIRC Offer - June 2002
OCLC netLibrary eBooks
Classics Film Studies
Fine Arts Judaism and Jewish Studies
Linguistics Literature, American
Literature, English Literature, French
Music Opera Classics Library Series
Philosophy Religious Studies
The Writings of Herman Melville Theatre
Publisher Collections
ABC-CLIO Contemporary World Issues Series ABC-CLIO World Bibliographical Series
American Bar Association American Library Association
Brookings Institute Harvard Business School Press
Icon Group World Outlook Industry Reports Idea Group Publishing
National Academy Press Oxford World's Classics
Science, Technology And Medicine
Agriculture Astronomy
Biology Botany
Chemistry Earth Sciences
Environmental Studies Geology
Mathematics Medicine and Allied Health
Microbiology Nursing
Physics Physiology
Science (General) Statistics
Social And Behavioral Sciences
African American Studies American Indian Studies
Anthropology Criminal Justice
Education Gay and Lesbian Studies
History, North America History, World
Law Mass Communications
Political Science Psychology
Reading and Information Literacy Sociology
OCLC netLibrary CEIRC Offer - June 2002
OCLC netLibrary eBooks
In response to further queries from the CEIRC Committee, the following information has
been added for your information.
Q: Can currently held NetLibrary titles be included in the 200/institution?
A: No. Each institution has to buy additional average 200 titles.
Q: Can currently held NetLibrary titles be include in consortial cross-access?
A: No. Consortial cross access is available only to books bought by this consortium
under this proposal.
Q: What titles are currently held by CEIRC members?
A: netLibrary will provide the list once CEIRC advise which members currently have
netLibrary subscriptions.
Q: Which publishers do not allow cross-consortial access?
• Fitzroy Dearborn
• Palgrave/Macmillan UK/LTD
• Palgrave Grove's Dictionaries Inc.
• St. Martin's Press School and Ref
• Marcel Dekker, Inc.
• Rosen Publishing Group
• Sage Publications, Inc.
• Transaction Publishing
**Please note that for St. Martins Press, titles published in 1989 or older and for Marcel
Dekker, titles that are older than 18 months (from the date of purchase) are available to
Q: Can an individual institution buy = 200?
A: Yes
Q: What trial options are available?
A: netLibrary provides a Reading Room facility on their web site to allow potential
customers to check out how netLibrary works. It offers access to a number of eBook
OCLC netLibrary CEIRC Offer - June 2002
OCLC netLibrary eBooks
titles. Customers can search, view and display any of the content in this “mini”
A full trial of netLibrary is not available due to publisher and administrative difficulties.
OCLC netLibrary CEIRC Offer - June 2002

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